Vegan food for weight loss

Losing weight has become the trendy thing to do in the 21st century. Fitness experts are a sort after like a priced commodity and dieting has become like second nature. Books on various ways to lose weight sell like hot cake, and if you are not doing a detox program or doing yoga exercises and poses, you are not living! Social media shows people posting pictures of hitting the gym, taking smoothies and doing extreme body building fits all in the name of losing weight. This craze has, of course, become a lee way for scammers to make a buck by recommending unrealistic, unhealthy things for the sake of the money and desperate victims are caught in that net of lies.

The vegan diet is also at an all time high and gaining popularity fast. With more and more celebrities “going vegan” almost daily and endorsing this noble cause, it is becoming a large band wagon so to speak for many who feel but can’t handle the pressure. The heart of the matter though is whether or not all these ways, processes and programs coming up are healthy, reliable for leading a healthy lifestyle and if they will still be effective two or three years later.

Is it healthy to be a vegan?

Vegan, short for vegetarian, refers to a person who does not consume meat or use animal products. The vegan diet does not contain animal products. It is a deviation from the norm and until recently, it was not a popular way to live.

The vegan food is higher in vitamins and fiber while low in saturated fats which is a good thing. The benefits are enjoyed by the people who genuinely eat organic food, not just processed foods like potato chips. But with the elimination of certain foods, the vegan misses out on vital micro nutrients like Vitamin D, calcium, iron and zinc, which are contained in animal and animal products so if they don’t find the right substitutes for such nutrients, the diet will prove to be unhealthy.

Is it healthy to lose weight through vegan food?

It is a healthy way to lose weight because it provides the body with major nutrients that may be lost in an all inclusive diet. But how you go about the weight loss is critical to ensure consistency and fitness. People who follow a vegan diet lose weight more efficiently and maintain a healthy lifestyle compared to those who follow other dietary methods. It is fundamental to go about the weight loss process well to enjoy life long results.

How to lose weight through the vegan food

It is important to have a plan on how you intend to go about your diet. You should factor in all the constant activities in your life and plan your menu according to your schedule. Make sure to be as flexible as possible with the food but at the same time be consistent and follow through with the meals. Striking a balance is critical, and discipline should be well exercised.

Some people believe that you don’t need to be keen on the amount of food you are consuming or count the calories, but this is a huge lie that will cost you your dream of losing weight and being fit. Reduce portions of your meals, keep count of the calories you are consuming and be accountable to yourself and your body.

The time you choose to eat your meals is fundamental to losing weight. You should train your body on the periods to consume the food and be disciplined to keep to those timings. You cannot afford to eat at any time of the day because this will interfere with the metabolism process thereby defeating the goal of losing weight. Skipping meals is also not advisable as because this triggers your body to believe that you are starving and will store up fat to combat this state. It is recommended to have a reasonably large intake of food in the morning hours and to reduce the portions as the day progresses.

You need to increase the intake of proteins as they ensure muscle mass which boosts your metabolism and prevent you from feeling tired as you continue with your diet. You should be taking more than 60 grams of proteins a day to make certain that you are getting enough. Integrate peas, beans, and lentils in your diet for these are high in protein content.


From the above, you see that it is possible to lose weight by eating vegan food. It just calls for determination, accountability and following through what you have begun. The weight loss process through the vegan diet is healthy and recommended as long as you do not abuse the process. Get out and do it the vegan way because it works.